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Endless horde of Zombies!!! Earn money by killing zombies. Purchase guns in pause menu.

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Carnival Shootout

In Carnival Shootout the the player has to test his shooting skills at various levels. Each level takes place in a different environment and has different targets to shoot at.


Be the quickest shot in the West! Shoot at the tin can so it doesn't drop. Earn all them shiny badges!

One Ton Reloaded

The game play has changed, but One Ton is still as tough as ever. Shoot, bash, and smash your way through hordes of humanoid robots.

Avalon Siege

This is one of those games where you need to destroy enemies in the castle. You have a cannon and enemies too. Your goal is to destroy their cannons before they destroy yours.

Pro Sniper

This is a sniper game. Your goal is to hit all targets in each scene.

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