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Tombs Of Anubis

Destroy Anubis and his army of mummies by taking snap shots of them with your camera. Collect the snap shots to complete each level but hurry, take too long and the mummies come back to life angrier and hungry for revenge!

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Ragdoll Cannon 3

More ragdolls to abuse - from the creators of the original series. Fire the ragdolls onto the target to proceed to the next level. Try to clear all 50 levels in the least amount of shots you can. From the main menu you can enter the level editor to creat

Tingly Pyramid Solitaire

Form two-card combos to clear the pyramid! In this solitaire game, you must make pairs of cards that add up to 13.

Ouija Board

Answer the questions from the mysterious Ouija Board to score points.

3D Buggy Racing

3D Buggy Racing features an advanced flash 3D engine which allows for great graphics and gameplay. Race against 7 AI opponents across 5 unique tracks, unlocking the next track by beating the other racers to place first.

Youda Safari

In this game you manage a safari. Your main goal is to show visitors the animals they want to see. You have a vehicle. Pick up tourists at the safari entrance with this vehicle and take them where they want to go.